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Roccat Savu Gaming Mouse


Roccat has firmly cemented itself as a big player in the gaming peripheral market – no mean feat. It did so in a similar fashion to Razer: making comfortable, sensitive rodents that were good to look at too. This latest iteration of Roccat mousey hardware however focuses on something else, sweat reduction. Adding bumpy plastic grips to the sides, preventing perspiration buildup and slips could let this piece of kit fit nicely into a niche. Then again, perhaps it will reduce comfort.

Either way, that’s what we’re here to find out.


  • ADJUSTBALE 4000DPI PRO-OPTIC (R3) SENSOR: with true 400, 800, 1600 or 4000dpi
  • EASY-SHIFT[+]™ BUTTON DUPLICATOR: with Easy-Aim + Easy-Wheel functions
  • CUSTOMIZABLE MULTI-COLOR LIGHTING: 16.8 million colors + effects and game profile illumination
  • NO-SWEAT SIDE GRIPS: for extended slip-free play
  • ROCCAT DRIVER + MACRO MANAGER: for advanced customization + presets for games & apps
  • OPTIMUM MID-SIZE DESIGN: with perfectly-balanced weight
  • ULTRA-PRECISE 2D WHEEL: with lock-in incremental steps
  • ERGONOMIC RIGHT-HAND DESIGN: with soft-touch, ultra-comfort surface
  • BRAIDED CABLE: offering a robust, stylish connection
  • ZERO ANGLE SNAPPING: for true competition gaming
  • HIGHEST-QUALITY COMPONENTS: for a solid build and long life


Classical Roccat packaging, though it doesn’t open up at the front like you often see on this type of box.

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No driver CD with this mouse, just the usual quick setup guide and Roccat member’s card.

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The Mouse

The Savu itself doesn’t look that much different from previous Roccat offerings. It has the usual soft plastic coating for the buttons and main body, with no break between them. The sides however feature a different plastic texture, with a mottled surface that’s designed to prevent sweat issues.

The side buttons are only found on the left hand side and are made with a glossy plastic.

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The right hand side, next to the indented Roccat logo, has a small section of soft plastic segmented from the main body. My hands are small, so I barely reach this, but I’d assume it’s for your ring finger to have something comfortable to rest on.

At the back there’s clear section of plastic that lights up when the mouse is turned on, while at the front there’s just the traditional rubber coated scroll wheel. It also only clicks straight down, no side jog.

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The cable is a high quality braid, with a standard nickel header.

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The underside features only two teflon pads, but they’re large enough to cover the front and rear of the rodent.

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The drivers for the Savu are very typical Roccat. The interface is very clear and easy to navigate, with the usual options made available. DPI for this mouse is split into four switchable modes. While you can’t change the actual DPI of each one, you can turn them on and off, so if you prefer only three, two or even one settings, you can do so.

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The button remapping, with standard and easy shift options is on the second panel. Interestingly there’s no standard setup for DPI switching however, so if you plan to do that on the fly, make sure you add that option.

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Colour, sound and polling options are on the Advanced Control section. While it might get annoying after a while, have a play with the sound feedback, its great.

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Roccat R.A.D achievements are on the last panel you’ll actually make use of. This tracks clicks, movement distance and more.

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The final tab gives you online support and driver download buttons but that’s it.

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Testing a mouse is a difficult procedure as despite there being a few synthetic methods I can use to show you how good or bad a mouse is, the most effective way is to describe my experience with it. That said, I’d still urge people to try out a mouse before buying it as it is a subjective thing.

The Savu was tested in several different games and used in general computing situations over a few days.

The games used for testing were:

  • Blood Bowl Legendary Edition
  • Mount and Blade Warband
  • Heroes and Generals Beta


Gaming and General Usage

I found the default DPI setting to be a bit low for my taste, though the only greater option at 4,000 was a bit too extreme. Fortunately a little tweak of the Windows sensitivity allowed this max setting to traverse the twin HD displays easily enough without losing accuracy. Once that was set, I found the Savu to be an excellent mouse for almost any task. Fast paced games like Heroes and Generals proved no challenge for this mouse’s abilities, though that Lee Enfield rifle doesn’t half kick.

Mount and Blade is can still be quite a speedy title, though it’s more rhythmic when using swords. Fortunately again the Savu didn’t dissapoint, letting me slay away without a care.

I did take note of how light this mouse is, which was great since I’m a small guy with small wrists. Some might find that they overshoot initially, especially the larger gamers or those used to a heavier rodent. However this should be easy to adjust to and not pose much of a problem for most.

Bloodbowl and general usage, where slower more methodical actions are required were similarly care free, the Easy Shift options allowing for simple DPI switching and media control from within game – a blessing for those without keyboard multimedia keys.


Initially I found the bumpy anti-perspiration grips of the Savu a little off putting, but over time they completely turned me around. They are just as comfortable as the soft rubber found on some devices and there’s no real build up of grime like you get on some mice. The texture means that you never, ever lose grip and once you’re used to the somewhat unconventional feel of them, you don’t notice them at all. While some like me, might find them a little difficult to get used to from the outset, it really doesn’t take long before you’ve forgotten how different they really are from the usual mouse control.


At £50, the Savu is priced towards the upper end of the gaming rodent spectrum, but It’s £20 or so below the real top of the line. The real selling point though, is you’d be hard pressed to notice the difference.



Roccat have once again produced a mouse that competes not only in performance, but pricing as well. The high sensitivity – it’s hard to argue that you need more than 4,000 DPI – accuracy, levels of comfort and feature filled software make it once of the top gaming mice available today. Some may find the textured side grips not to their taste, but many will love them and even some of those that are initially perturbed will soon find themselves forgetting there’s anything noticeably different at all.

The only other factor that might cause some disgruntled feelings towards the Savu, is the light weight. This makes it great for twitch gamers, but those that prefer a heavy rodent will want to give this one a miss since there are no options for adjusting the weight.

Overall, an excellent mouse, with a few personal preferences that need to be considered before buying.


Fast and accurate, highly sensitive
Well priced
Fully featured software
Comfortable, great side grips


Bumpy side grip texture not for everyone
Light weight may mean heavy fisted gamers want to look elsewhere
Would have been nice to see some other DPI options towards the top end

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