So to sum things up, is this the best gaming keyboard I’ve ever used? Unfortunately for Roccat I’m going to have to say no. However, that isn’t because this is a bad board by any means, but because PC peripherals are a very personal thing; everyone has their own preferences.

This is an excellent keyboard, but I do feel that it’s a little lost in its intended audience. Many, many of the macro features will be utterly unused by the gaming public at large. This makes it a board that’s great for the obsessive macroers and high end gamers, but less applicable for mid-range gamers (the latter being the much larger market). However, I feel if you’re targeting professionals, you should really be using mechanical switches. I would never pretend to be a good enough gamer to fully appreciate the difference between pressing a rubber dome membranes vs a mechanical switch, but if you’re a pro gamer, those micro seconds could make all the difference. Also, the durability offered by them is claimed to be upwards of 10 times, giving you much more life in a keyboard that you’re spending almost £70 on; especially since this places the Isku in the Mechanical board price bracket.

This is a great gaming board all in all, but you’ll need to be a specific type of gamer to appreciate it fully.


Great key register speed
Top notch for gaming, little difference between this and expensive mechanical variants
Nice to type on, no real drop off in typing speed with membrane switches
T 1-3 keys were a great addition. I’d like to see these on more keyboards
Lights and layout are great, looks futuristic and gamery
Easy shift and macro keys give great customisation
Software is fully featured and clean
Plastic edges protect switches from food and other detritus


No mechanical switches in an expensive board
Roccat TALK feels redundant
Typing a little stiffer than on mechanical
More customisation than anyone will ever need. Perhaps a bit over the top?
Wrist rest could be longer

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