So we’re at the conclusion once again for a keyboard review. A mechanical one at that. Is this the best board ever, ever forever ever? No. Not for typing and not for gaming. Does it blend the two quite well? Certainly.

While there are certain games that require quick and often taps of the keys, the MK 80 becomes irritating as you use it thanks to the click, click of the keys, other games like RPGs, strategies, MMOs, they’re all great with this one. The odd thing really with this though, is that the MK 80 doesn’t have any macro keys, something gamers of these types of genres want.

As for typing, again, it’s lovely. It’s not quite as smooth as the Zowie Celeritas or as satisfying as the Steelseries 7G, but it’s very nice indeed and the tactile/clicky feedback will be something some love, some hate, so as with most peripherals, you should probably give this one a try before buying.

While I do quite like this keyboard, I feel that QPAD are a little lost in who they’re targeting. If they were going for the gamers, I’d have suggested Red of Black MX switches as without the tactile and clicky features, you have what you’re aiming for, a puritan, twitchy, fast gaming keyboard. Here we have something with tactile feedback, but no macro keys.

If this had been targeted at typists, I might run with it a bit better, but even then I’d still be recommending the Celeritas. For the price, you can get much better mechanical boards for the kind of thing you want, so I’d probably recommend you look around a bit more if you’re looking to buy this one. Good effort QPAD, but maybe take another stab at it.


Good for slower games, MMOs, RTS, RPG etc.
Nice to type on
Very comfortable
Simple cut back design
Low latency, anti-ghosting and other mechanical features
Lights look pretty


No macro keys
Typing feels a bit “sharp”
The clicky interface is annoying during fast games
Bit expensive

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