Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR3


Years ago, there was only a handful of gaming peripheral companies, and in reality most people fell into one of two camps, Razer’s or Logitech’s. Now though, there’s a whole host of different manufacturers putting together their own gaming mice, keyboards, headsets and more. With all these new players in the game, there’s a much wider range of looks, features and extras and when on the look out for a new gaming mouse, you can find some interesting ones.

Case in point, today I’ll be looking at the Ozone Smog. A nice mix of traditional gaming mouse, and some sort of space ship; this could prove interesting.



  • High Precision Laser sensor Avago 9500 (12000 fps)
  • 7+2 Programmable buttons
  • 16 bit ultra data-path for ultimate performance
  • Polling rate 1000Hz
  • 450/900/1800/3600 dpi profiles switchable
  • Customizable DPI profiles through software( Max. to 5040 dpi)
  • Tracking speed: 150 inch/sec
  • Rubber left side grip
  • Soften plastic finger groove on the rightside (swappable)
  • 4 way scrolling
  • Ceramic footpads
  • Adjust lift button suites your mouse to the mousepad
  • 5 Macro modes allows setting severalgaming profiles
  • Included Software for personal configuration*
  • Adjustable weight (includes set with 6x ± 5g weights).


  1. Clear
  2. Clear / UV Reactive Blue
  3. Blue / UV Reactive Blue
  4. Green / UV Reactive Green
  5. Red / UV Reactive Orange
  6. Glossy Black
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