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Mionix Sargas 900 Deskpad


The Mionix Sargas 900 Deskpad is a mousepad for your whole desk. As I slid it out of the massive box and unrolled it across my photography table, I realised it was the largest thing I’ve ever photographed for a review – wider than a PC tower, wider than my widest mechanical keyboard and in fact, much larger than my photography table. Join me as we have take a wide-angle look at this innovatively massive mousepad.

Model Overview

Sargas 900 is made of a durable cloth material with slightly more friction than coated mousepads. The special microfiber surface counteracts data loss and improves the sensor tracking performance. The underside is made of a natural rubber offering a firm grip irrespective of the suface under the mousepad or extensive movements. The Sargas 900 was designed with our Surface Quality Analyzer tool (8/10) and has excellent tracking with minimal data loss.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Durable, smooth and flexible microfibre
  • S.Q.A.T Value*: 8
  • Surface: Uncoated / semi rigid
  • Dimensions: 900 mm x 400 mm
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Backside: Natural rubber
  • Compatibility: Optical and laser

* S.Q.A.T stands for Surface Quality Analyzer tool, a metric made up by Mionix to quantify mousing performance.



The Mionix Sargas 900 (or as I’ll call it, the Deskpad) comes in a long rectangular prism of a box – like a normal flexible mousepad, but much larger. The box is black, with a green Mionix logo and a picture of the mouspad. Minimal and professional, with that traditional gamer vibe.

Turning over the prism, we see the mousepad’s ‘technical specifications’ as listed earlier, as well as a model overview and an explanation of the name Sargas – which is a star in the constellation Scorpius.

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And turning once again, we see the standard list of features in multiple languages – I count 8 here.

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Opening the box, we can take out the plastic-wrapped and rolled up Deskpad. As you can see next to this Mionix mouse, its height is about the same size or larger than a normal mousepad’s width. Holy cow.

The Mat

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Now we go for the unroll… as I mentioned in the Intro, the Deskpad is so massive that it’s hard to photograph – I had to quickly augment my photography table with a box in order to fit the whole thing on there. As you can see, there is space for a wide keyboard (the Corsair K90) with macro keys and a numpad and the Mionix mouse, and you still have left over for your phone, tablet, drink and dinner. Also note the shape of the Deskpad – it’s not perfectly rectangular, as there’s a subtle arc cut into the front.

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The Deskpad is relatively unadorned, with a black colour throughout except a small Mionix logo on one corner.

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The underside of the Deskpad is quite ordinary, with a textured grip that keeps it firmly in place. The sheer size and weight of the piece should also help accomplish that goal.

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Now that we’ve seen the physical features of the Sargas 900, it’s time to put this deskpad to the test.



There aren’t really many statistics, benchmarks or other quantitative means of judging the performance of a mousepad, so the best thing to do is just use it for a fair bit. I used the DeskPad for a period of about two weeks as my main desk surface, for work and for play. I played the following games in that time:

  • Hawken
  • MechWarrior Online
  • StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
  • Day Z
  • Borderlands 2
  • Dishonored
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Gosh, it’s a good time to be a PC gamer.

Now, onto the results of these trials.



Mousing Surface

The big test of a mousepad is how well it actually works when gaming. I’d say that the mousing performance was just fine; I can’t say I’ve ever used a mousepad and noticed that I suddenly got better at the game I was playing, but the Deskpad is certainly not deficient in this area, with a fairly middle-of-the-road texture that provided the kind of high quality mousing performance you’d expect from a gaming-specific mousepad. Particularly in titles that demand quick and accurate mouse movement like StarCraft II and Hawken.

The big benefit of the Deskpad as a mousing surface is really its size. If you play on lower sensitivity settings and therefore need to move your mouse a lot, the Deskpad is ideal – you’ll never ever run out of room.


The Deskpad provides a relatively thick and cushiony layer above the whole desk, not just around the mouse. This makes things like typing a lot more comfortable, as you’ve got this wee wrist rest wherever you happen to lay your hands. Everything is at the same height, too, so your hands will be positioned evenly. Contrast this with a merely ‘large’ mousepad, which often needs to hang off the end of your desk or go half-way underneath your keyboard to fit. Playing on the DeskPad was incredibly comfortable.

There is one drawback to the Sargas 900’s design, however. That shallow crescent that I mentioned earlier that’s cut out of the front of the pad introduces an unwanted patch of bare desk which is less comfortable to rest your wrists on and also collects dust and debris. However, there is a simple solution – just turn the Deskpad around and have the crescent cutout on the far side of your desk – your monitor doesn’t care.


The one drawback to having a full-desk mousepad is that if you eat or drink at your PC, even if you’re careful the Deskpad will become dirty. A mousepad is harder to clean than a wooden desk, and you definitely don’t want a patch of grease or crumbs underneath your mouse’s sensor. Keep this in mind if you often eat or drink at your desk.



The Sargas 900 Deskpad is a convincing argument for a full-desk mousepad, offering both comfort and mousing performance if you’ve got the space and you’re willing to keep it clean. The trend is definitely for larger and larger gaming mousepads and the full-size Deskpad is the logical conclusion to that progression.


  • Never run out of mousing room again
  • Room for all of your equipment and more
  • Good mousing surface
  • Inoffensive, small logo


  • Hard to keep clean
  • Not a perfect rectangle

William Judd :Editor-in-Chief for XSReviews. Find me @wsjudd or on G+.

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