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Matias Laptop Pro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

Matias Laptop Pro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard



If you consider the spectrum of keyboards, there are pretty much two ways you can go. One one side is a keyboard that is  light, slim and portable, probably wireless – idealised by the Apple Wireless Keyboard. On the opposite side, we have something with mechanical switches, plenty of keys and built like a tank – idealised by the Filco Majestouch-2.

That’s why I was quite intrigued by the Matias Laptop Pro – it’s a mechanical keyboard, yet it’s Bluetooth-equipped and about 60% of the size of a standard keyboard. The promise is the feeling of a true mechanical keyboard, yet the portability of a mobile keyboard. Will the Laptop Pro hit the right balance? Let’s have a look.

Manufacturer’s Features

  • It feels amazing (Quiet Click switches)
  • Wireless + compact (more desk space, no wires, portable)
  • Really long battery life (1600 mAh for 6 months use)
  • USB charging ports (for charging keyboard and charging other devices)
  • Really quiet (first quiet mechanical switch, ideal for offices)
  • A modern Apple Extended Keyboard II
  • Mac-friendly function keys
  • Also connects to iPad & Android tablets, PCs and other Bluetooth devices
  • Easy to find symbols (printed right on the keys)
  • Laser etched keys
  • Sculpted keytops
  • No ghost in this machine (N-KRO)

Manufacturer’s Specifications

Matias Quiet Click Switches

• Tactile & sound-dampened ALPS-inspired design
• Peak force of 60±5 gf
• Travel distance of 3.5 mm

In the box

• Laptop Pro keyboard
• Charging cable (USB)
• User’s manual

System requirements

• Windows or Mac with Bluetooth
• iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, Apple TV
• Android 3.0+


• Dimensions: 337 x 165 x 35 millimetres
• Weight: 974 grams
• Cable Length: 2 metres


The Laptop Pro comes in a very well designed box, showing the keyboard itself on the front and a list of features on the back and sides. The box even had a carrying handle, making it as portable as the keyboard itself!


Inside the box, we find the keyboard very well packed, with a layer of bubble wrap above and below the keyboard as well as the standard dust cloth. This is the most well-packed keyboard I’ve ever opened, and as you’d expect the keyboard came in fine condition because of this.


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