JCSO Silent Gamer

JCSO Silent Mouse Review


While it’s always nice to review peripherals from the big boys, there are many other smaller manufacturers putting together products with unique features that are also interesting to take a look at. Today we’re reviewing a gaming mouse from a company known as JSCO and it’s designed for “silent” gaming.


110mm x 74mm x 40mm
Optical (Agilent 5050-1/Flexible sensor)
DPI Steppings

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  1. I have bought two of these. They are very quiet – but they both broke quite soon after I started to use them.

    There is a tiny hex shaped piece of plastic used to transfer the rotary motion of the wheel to the associated rotational transducer. The distance across the “flats’ of the little hex shaft is about 1.4mm (for memory). Both shafts broke just next to the wheel. They are not strong enough to resist the force of a finger(!) I managed to fix them – but used a lathe to help me!

    The design is completely unsatisfactory and I imagine they all have or will fail if the operator uses the wheel.

    I can supply photos if need be to support my criticism.



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