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For ¬£57, this is right at the top end of the gaming mouse market, along with the Razer Lachesis and the Logitech G700. Whilst it provides a fitting amount of mousing action for the price, it’s still a substantial investment. As a mouse can be quite a subjective purchase, it makes sense to try before you buy, so do so if you have the chance (e.g. if a friend has one, or you’re buying from a brick-and-mortar store).

This mouse is one of the best I’ve ever used. While I encountered some issues with button placement and the software, these don’t prevent it from being an excellent gaming mouse. With stellar looks, top quality construction and over-the-top specifications, the Corsair M90 impresses on every front.


Top end specifications – more than you’d ever need
Solid construction – built like a tank
Industrially good looks Рunique but not ostentatious


Sub-par button placement – at least for my hands
Occasional problems remapping buttons Рa disappointment for an MMO mouse
Weight – metal construction makes it heavier than plastic-only mice
Price – this is a substantial investment, so try before you buy!

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  • EightM

    How can you give an MMO mouse with broken software and buttons that don’t work in an MMO a 9/10?

    I own this mouse, it is terrible at what it was made for. I like the tracking and that is all. The buttons don’t work. The metal frame discharges static resulting in a shock, OUCH!, and then the mouse not responding so I have to replug it in to reset.

    Giving this mouse a 9/10 means you either spent all of 5 minutes using/testing it, or you were payed by Corsair.

    I give this review a 1/10.

    • Thanks for the comment EightM. Our testers do put several hours into reviews so perhaps you have a faulty version? I’ll speak with the reviewer about your issues and see what he says.

    • Hi EightM,

      I’ve never gotten shocked from the mouse, and have been using it from late December until early February. The buttons do work; have you downloaded the latest software (which, as far as I remember, is beta 2.12) and used hardware playback mode?



  • Sierra

    I ended up here after searching for “m90 mouse shock”. I get shocked every time I sit at the computer on the metal base of this mouse. It usually continues to operate normally, but occasionally it will freeze the mouse. Is there a way to discharge any static build up before I touch the mouse?

    Also, i find the side buttons to be a little too stiff for my liking.

    On the other hand, the k90 keyboard is AWESOME!

  • Anri

    Same here – I get shocked every 5-10 minutes. Sometimes I have to re-plug mouse to de-freeze it, sometimes it continue to work.

    • Safety First

      If you’re getting shocks off USB devices there’s a problem with your PC’s electrical earth. Get it tested.

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  • Atheos

    I’m also getting shocks, never experienced anything like it so I wouldn’t guess it’s my computer’s fault.

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