Corsair Vengeance K90

Corsair K-80 Mechanical keyboard


Corsair hase been a major player in the RAM market for some time now, and has slowly been introducing new lines in related fields. After launching a line of headsets in 2010, it’s now moving fully into the peripheral space with the launch of its Corsair Vengeance line of keyboards and mice.

This keyboard, the Vengeance K90, is being marketed as being ideal for RTS and MMO gamers. With a heavy complement of macro keys and Cherry MX Red switches they’ve already made a good start, but will Corsair’s debut keyboard stand up to the competition? With Razer’s BlackWidow and numerous other mechanical keyboards beginning to flow from Western peripheral makers it’ll be a hard fight.

Listed Features

  • Cherry MX Red keys – the perfect keys for gamers
  • 18 Macro Keys and 3 Macro-Set keys for up to 54 Macros – ideal for MMO and RTS games
  • 100% anti-ghosting technology and 20 KRO on USB – hit as many keys as you want!
  • Blue backlighting with 4 levels of illumination – ideal for LANs and late-night gaming
  • Removable, full-sized wrist rest for optimal comfort and longer gaming times
  • Rapid key response – 1ms report rate – faster than even the fastest gamer needs!
  • Media keys – easy access to your music controls, for when you take a break from owning
  • Superior build quality – metal top-plate provides unmatched durability and stability, as well as a premium look and feel


The packaging is quite standard for a keyboard of this type. There’s a nice side-on look at the keyboard itself with the blue backlighting active. There’s also a window cut into the box, letting you have your first look at the metal construction of the keyboard chassis and the macro keys as well.

Corsair K-80 Mechanical keyboard
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On the rear, there’s a wider shot of the keyboard as a whole, with backlighting and wrist wrest installed. There are also translations of the listed features into five languages.

Corsair K-80 Mechanical keyboard
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The side of the box shows off some more of the unique features of the keyboard – 18 dedicated and customisable macro keys, Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches and the ‘professional-grade brushed aluminium chassis’ with backlighting.

Corsair K-80 Mechanical keyboard
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1 response to “Corsair Vengeance K90”

  1. This keyboard is amazingly good- nearly flawless design, and great combination of key switch. Yes, I don’t care about what people is nagging on the issue of “not full mechanic.” Let me tell you this: You won’t care whether it’s full mechanic or not, because all you will notice about this keyboard is how great the handling in design is. And it’s beautiful like some kind of art piece as well.

    The only problem: the software is damn hard to use. Already sent a mail to Corsair to complain about it. They replied that they are still working on it and will release it as soon as possible. Well, hope so.

    Anyway, great product to buy. Worth it.

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