Cooler Master Xornet gaming mouse


This is a mouse that for its price tag, is quite impressive. It’s got a nice comfortable feel, good accuracy as well as being fast and sensitive, but it’s build quality erks me. You can tell this is a budget product when you use it and that’s annoying.

Personally I like a little more sensitivity too. Nothing crazy, but 2,000 feels very old school when there are 5,000+ devices available now. The problem is, beyond that and some styling, this mouse does very little more than some true-budget (£10 or so) mice can do. It’s only “gamer” because it has some soft rubber on the buttons and teflon feet.

This is a good mouse, don’t get me wrong, but if my wallet is a little lacking, I don’t want to be reminded of it everyime I put my hand on the mouse. Click. Click.


Good sensitivity
Comfortable for the most part
Looks unique


Could do with having a slightly higher DPI
Annoying clickety clack frame conveys budget feel
No software remap for side buttons
Some perspiration build up on the main body


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