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Synology VS60 Surveillance Station

Synology VS60

The VS60 Surveillance drive has a matt black exterior and obviously comes from the same mold as Synology’s NAS drives as it has the same shape and structure.

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The front has a glossy black finish, with several different clear plastic inlays allowing them to light up depending on the actions of the device. There’s a Status light, a LAN light, Lock; and a power button at the bottom. There’s also a small Synology logo in the bottom corner.

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The side has a blown up version of the logo, with a centralised Synology badge along with some VS60 text. The underside has four rubber feet to keep the the device in place while in operation and to give the bottom air intake room to breath.

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The back of the device has several different connections. There’s a VGA port which allows you to hookup a monitor to the device, an audio port to output camera audio, USB connector for mouse or flash drive, LAN port for ethernet cable connection, reset switch and DC power input.

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  • Josh

    You neglect to mention in your review, that the Surveillance Station software only allows the connection of a single camera, unless the user purchases additional “licenses” for each additional camera.

    To connect the 5 cameras that your NAS supports, you would have to buy 4 licenses, at $50 each, for an additional $200 cost, above and beyond the NAS purchase price.

    • Thanks for letting me know dude, I appreciate it :)