Swann Remote Cam DVR-410

The cam itself is an interesting piece of kit. It’s quite small and looks exactly what it’s designed to be disguised as… a car key fob. It comes packing four buttons, the front two of which handle power and recording capabilities, whereas the back two are what Swann describes as "additional buttons." Oddly, neither of these can be depressed and they seem to have no function whatsoever. Whether Swann plan to release another model using the same body with more features is anyone’s guess.

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At the front end is a small LED which lights up orange when the device is turned on, and extinguishes when recording is taking place; for added stealth. There’s also a reset switch along one edge with the Micro-SD slot. The card can be ejected with a simple push.

The fob end has a large key ring which can be detached if needs be. The back has nothing particularly interesting going on.

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