Speedblack Review


With the wide range of games on different consoles, they give rise to some interesting accessories and peripherals. We’ve seen mech controllers that are 4ft long on the original Xbox, Wii motes, Light guns, dance mats and a whole host of others. Sometimes though, these accessories have their own accessories; like the Speedblack. This gaming platform is designed to give you a sturdy surface to race on, with your steering wheel and pedals. Is it worth it? Let’s find out.


Product Description

“The days of losing control during your race or uncomfortably fitting your steering wheel to a table are over! With SpeedBlack, your steering wheel is just where it should be for an extraordinary gaming experience! Its innovative design allows for top comfort and confidence to control your moves; its unequalled robustness means you can carelessly give in to your adrenaline and fully enjoy your race wherever you are.

SpeedBlackTM can be very easily and quickly adjusted in height, distance to the steering wheel and pedals´ angle. It´s a worldwide novelty which can be fitted to any steering wheels, pedals, handlebars and laptops in the market. Its design allows your back to rest in an ergonomic position which favours.”

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