Silverstone SD01 Stackable Hard Drive Pad

Silverstone Stackable HDD Pad


So I might be eight months late on this one – big apology to Silverstone on that one – but here’s the XSR take on the Silverstone SD01. It’s a stackable HDD pad mount which lets you make your standard hard drive portable. Sort of. It’s a bit of an odd product but here it is.


Enclosure material Aluminum/Plastic
Color Black
Power requirement 12Vdc
Operating system support Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS and Linux.
HDD size support 2.5” or 3.5” hard drive
HDD interface support SATA / SAS hard drive
Enclosure interface eSATA interface. (Max. 6Gbits)
SAS dual-lane interface. (Max. 6Gbits)
HDD capacity support Up to 2TB or more
Net Weight 180±10g
Dimension 195(L)x121.5(W)x31.5(H)


  • Unique stackable design for easy upgrades and expansion.
  • Support SATA and SAS interface hard drive.
  • Maximum 6Gbits data transfer speed via SATA or SAS dual-lane interface.
  • Plug and Play & Hot-swappable connection.(system with AHCI mode)
  • The power source synchronizes with computer.


Silverstone Stackable HDD Pad
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Along with the HDD pad, you get a power cable that hooks up to a molex four pin connector, a small collection of screws and bits, a couple of different size PCI brackets and an eSATA to SATA connector.

Silverstone Stackable HDD Pad
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  • amy
  • Fravadona

    I actually have almost one hundred SAS/SATA drives which I have to backup or blank … In my point of view the SD01 fits perfectly for this task, and it’s hundred times cheeper than any hard drives duplicator/eraser supporting SAS2 interface.