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QNAP TS119 Turbo NAS Review


Backing up and making sure your data is extra safe, is something people have been doing since the first digital storage device failed and someone realised they’d just lost a few bits of information. However, now with people having thousands of photographs, extensive movie and music collections, backup storage has never been more pertinent.

That said, there’s no reason some extra features can’t be added and a little flair thrown in for good measure. Enter QNAP, makers of NAS devices for years, and today giving us a spin with their Turbo NAS known as the TS-119.


  • File Server – for Windows, Unix and Apple networks
  • FTP Server – for files that are too big to email
  • Backup Server – includes NetBack Replicator, for multi-PC automatic backup
  • Enhanced Data Protection – optional RAID-1 with the addition of an external eSATA or USB drive
  • Remote Replication – back up your TS-109 to a remote NAS
  • Web Server – with PHP and MySQL support
  • MySQL Server – SQL server for your network
  • Printer Server – share a USB printer among the PC’s on your network
  • UPnP Media Server – share your photo’s and music in your home
  • MultiMedia Station – automatic web based browsing with thumbnails of your photos
  • Download Server – automatic BitTorrent, FTP and HTTP downloading without your PC
  • iTunes Server – share your music on all your local Mac’s and PC’s

A full feature list can be found here.


QNAP TS119 Turbo NAS Review


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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