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Proporta Turbo Charger 3400

Proporta Turbo Charger 3400

Proporta Turbo Charger 3400 Review


These days portable equipment is as ubiquitous as vomit in pub toilets, which in turn has meant a general move towards devices that allow you to recharge in-situ. Presumably so as to avoid the need to wipe said vomit from a nearby mains socket, and saving you the trouble of constantly needing to replace removable batteries. It’s also standard practice to make just enough of your product proprietary – or dependent on something that is – in order to maximise profit without pushing the consumer too far. This means you can end up carrying around a separate charger for every portable item you own along with the bushel of interfacing cables. Adaptors are of course abound, but it would be nice if more devices came with a selection of common fittings the way the Turbocharger 3400 does. This portable charger gives you the ability to juice up anything from mobile phones to hand-held consoles, and all on the move.



  • Retractable USB cable
  • Selection of connector heads included
  • Additional and replacement connector heads cheaply and readily available
  • Compact and highly portable
  • Charges from any standard USB port
  • Beautiful blue LED status lights
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