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Nexus Air Duster Review


Nexus produce a wide variety of products, from cases to CPU Coolers, Power Supplies, and duster cleaning materials? Seems Nexus feel that dusty PCs need a bit of attention, and the best way to go about it is with a cleaning spray specifically designed for internal PC components while being "Ozone Friendly."

Lets see how it does.

Nexus’ take on CA-4000 Air Duster

You have airdusters and airdusters out there…. they come in many variaties, strenghts and sizes…. The one we are now offering is almost illegal…it has fiercefull power!

Your perfect weapon against dust and dirt inside your pc or anywhere else. And the can contains 400 ML so there is enough for some really, really thorough cleaning.


  • The CA-4000 comes in a 400ML can

  • The CA-4000 is 100% ozone friendly and 100% computer friendly. "ozone friendly" mean that the product does not contain chemicals (CFC’s) that could harm the ozone layer.

  • The can contains refrigant under very high pressure. This will make it easy to clean the interior of the PC Case. You can clean it in a "breeze"


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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