The sound quality of the player can be a little unreliable, depending on the stroke you are doing if you are constantly lifting your head out of the water. Things like breast stroke across the surface of the water shows this the most, whilst back stroke gave perfect audio the entire way. I guess your style of swimming would depend on how you’re going to experience this.

I will say thought that it is far better quality and more reliable than my previous swimming mp3 player, which suffered from the ear phones being violently ripped from my ears by drag if i swam too fast.

The buttons on the device could perhaps be a bit more tactile and provide more feedback, but I would imagine that the current design is a requirement of the waterproofing.

The lack of using of all the space is a minor annoyance and can cause confusion with the buttons, but all in all this is a great device for giving you some entertainment while swimming, which i find encourages me to swim longer.


  • No earphones to fall out
  • Simple track loading
  • Great battery life


  • Confusing buttons / use sometimes
  • No screen

All considered, I give this player 7 out of 10.

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