Energy Sistem URC 3100

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Energy Sistem URC3100


Energy Sistem™ isn’t exactly a common typo on the tip of the tongue, but – much like the problem of mysteriously vanishing remote controls – they’ve been around for a while. Barring the kleptomaniac hoardings of some thieving soon-to-be-ex friend, or a lonely and capacious housewife, the blame must lay squarely on our quest for progressively miniaturised technology. A quest manufacturers seem determined to embark upon regardless of consequence – and to which they subsequently offer their own solutions; for a modest price, of course. So in search of a stop-gap between sanity and industrial genocide, we stumble most readily across the likes of this Universal 3100 Remote Control. Whereupon the wrath of our idle thumb-poking is more than satisfied. At least until someone miniaturises the sofas behind which it’s sure to disappear.


  • Large selection of pre-programmed DVD, Television, Satellite, VCR, and even CTV settings
  • Ability to learn over 200 commands from existing remote controls
  • Store pre-sets for up to 8 devices
  • Stylish blue back-light
  • Full set of navigation icons
  • Non-volatile temporary memory to ensure all settings aren’t lost when changing batteries
  • Range of up to 7 metres
  • Satisfyingly non-miniature


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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