Datacolor Spyder4Elite monitor calibration tool



Today we’re going to be looking at the Datacolor Spyder4Elite, a display calibration tool that uses a sensor suite to correctly adjust your display to your surroundings. The Spyder4Elite works on a wide range of displays too – monitors, laptops, HDTVs, projectors, iPhones and iPads are all supported. We’ll be judging the Spyder on its ease of use, its calibration results and its uncanny resemblance to a Facehugger. Let’s get started.


  • Automated Color & Brightness Calibration
  • Full-spectrum color sensor
  • Single sensor calibrates all your displays
  • Improved accuracy and stability
  • Fast Re-calibration Assistant
  • Adapts display to surrounding light
  • Spyder4ELITE software options for greater control


The Spyder4Elite comes in an unassuming white box with red highlights, showing the main section of the Spyder in clear plastic.


On the rear, are some handy setup instructions


Hidden within the box is the rest of the kit – the long USB cable attached to the Spyder and the desktop docking base. There’s also a CD, which has on it a serial for the software, as well as a handful of quick start guides and other such documentation.


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