Compro VideoMate E650

The TV Tuner Card is a PCI-E x1 fitting and is low-profile in size. As it arrives, it has a full-size ATX PCI back-plate, but with the included low-profile card, the E650 can easily be used in a low profile case. This is useful as there appears to be a vast amount of HTPC cases with the ever-increasing popularity of Home Theatre PC’s and more importantly some of the most suited ones to a lounge are small and slim-line thus usually need low-profile cards. Therefore, having the ability of a tuner which can be used in both standard and low-profile PCI is a great bonus.

The PCB of the card is actually rather boring. It’s black in colour and is loaded with fully shielded capacitors, which usually aid in increased life and reliability than their cheaper alternatives. Three LED’s are also present on the PCB: a red, yellow and green one.

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The rear of the VideoMate has four connections. From left to right they are:

  • TV Tuner-In (Analogue/Digital TV Antenna Input)
  • FM Tuner-In (FM Antenna Feed)
  • IR (IR Receiver Cable)
  • 6 in 1 Video/Audio Cable (used to connect other sources e.g. VCR, DVD Player etc)

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There are two 2-pin jumpers at the corner of the E650’s PCB. The right one in the photo (JS1) is used to connect the case’s power switch to, whereas the left one (JS2) is used to connect to the motherboard’s front panel power pins. Reasoning for this connection is so that the computer can be remotely powered on, shut down and put to sleep.

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