Asus Ageia PhysX Card Review


This review is all about a product that is said to be the next leap in the gaming hardware world. Not only are we now able to run quad graphics card setups in SLI or Crossfire mode, Dual core processors and more, we are now able to run the physics of games through a single processing unit, a PPU (Physics Processing Unit). The principles of PPU technology is that by running all game physics through a dedicated physics “engine” it will be possible for much more realistic in-game physics. As apposed to pre-set animations of objects moving, they will (If all goes to plan) move in a much more realistic fashionm, with gravity and force playing much more influential roles in the movement of the objects than ever before. Currently there are few games that fully support PPU technology, but just to see how things are moving along with Asus’ take on the Ageia PhysX card, we put it through its paces with our setup benchmarking software and games.

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