Foxconn H67MP-S Review


While Sandy Bridge chips may only be starting to leak out of Intel’s fabrication facilities, one of the things we can do in the mean time is have an ogle of the motherboards we’ll be using as soon as we can get a hold of these new CPUs. Today Foxconn have sent over their H67MP-S board for us to have a quick preview of. While we can’t give this a full review, we’ll be taking a look at its features and physical properties.



Some of the features the box touts include:

  • East Install Bios with "one key press".
  • System power LED details errors
  • BIOS rescue utility
  • Smooth overclocking
  • Unlimited CPU multiplier
  • Hardware and software double BIOS
  • Assign different storage devices for quick hot-key start-up boot selection
  • Inclusive power channels for graphics cards
  • Automatic fan speed adjustment


Foxconn H67MP-S Review

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