The Foxconn DigtaLife ELA is certainly an impressive motherboard. With the huge bundle of accessories, well thought out layout and impressive extra features – such as the onboard power switches – it’s a damn good bit of kit. Performance wise it’s also impressive with it being highly overclockable and having plenty of options in this department.

One thing however lets this board down a lot, that’s the heavy price tag. With models similar to this from Asus for around £170, I know which manufacturer I’d be more comfortable with and it’s not Foxconn. That said, they seem to be on a roll at the moment, with lots of new releases. So maybe, the future is Foxconn?

Enough of the rant, the ELA’s a damn good motherboard; it’s just a shame about the price.

Pros Cons
Good layoutHigh price
Looks impressive
Decent overclocking
Onboard power switches
Two digit LED display for easy diagnostics




Thanks go to Foxconn for providing us with this motherboard.

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