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Foxconn AHD1S-k

Foxconn AHD1S-k



Wprime is a multithreaded maths benchmark

[easychart type=”horizbar” title=”Wprime (Seconds)” groupnames=”Foxconn AHD1S-k” valuenames=”32MB, 1024MB” group1values=”70,2179″ ]


AIDA64 is the successor to the Everest memory benchmark and incorporates similar tests.

[easychart type=”horizbar” title=”AIDA64 (Score)” groupnames=”Foxconn AHD1S-k” valuenames=”Read, Write” group1values=”3847,1864″ ]


Cinebench is a great CPU and OpenGL benchmark that renders some fancy looking balls in a glittery room.

[easychart type=”horizbar” title=”Cinebench R11.5″ groupnames=”Foxconn AHD1S-k” valuenames=”OpenGL, CPU” group1values=”7.65,0.63″ ]

The score isn’t bad for the system but of course, hardly mindblowing.

Dirt 3

DIRT 3 is one of the latest DX11 games. I found ambient occlusion made a huge difference in FPS, with it turned on I couldn’t even get three FPS in the game menu.

The settings used for this were presets of low, medium and high with AA and ambient occlusion off.

[easychart type=”horizbar” title=”Dirt 3″ groupnames=”Foxconn AHD1S-k” valuenames=”Low, Medium, High” group1values=”20.66,15.52,13.12″ ]

STALKER: Clear Sky

STALKER: Clear Sky – We see unplayable FPS throughout this test but you’ve got to remember, as I’ve said before that the system really isn’t made for this kind of thing.

[easychart type=”horizbar” title=”STALKER: Cleark Sky” groupnames=”Day, Night, Rain, Sunshafts” valuenames=”Low, Medium, High, Ultra” group1values=”7.5,6.3,5.2,4.5″ group2values=”8.6,7.8,6.4,5.5″ group3values=”13.1,9.2,7.4,6.7″ group4values=”7.7,5.2,3.9,2.9″ ]


3DMark 11 has DX11 tests as well as some that heavily use Tessellation, great for testing newer systems.

Score: 285

Hardly surprising.

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