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Foxconn AHD1S-k

Foxconn AHD1S-k

Foxconn AHD1S-kIntroduction

In for testing today is the Foxconn AHD1S-k. Foxconn is one of the largest makers of computing components in the world so their AMD Fusion ITX board should prove interesting. Under that big aluminium heatsink is a single chip, an AMD E-350 APU which is top of the AMD E-series line up. Inside the APU it bundles a CPU, GPU and DDR3 memory controller. The TDP of 18W makes for a very low power setup and with the passive heatsink, hopefully a very quiet system. The investigation begins!



Form factor: Mini-ITX 6.7×6.7 inch
APU: AMD E-350
Chipset: AMD Hudson D1
Memory: Single channel DDR3 1066, 2 slots 8GB max
Expansion slots: 1x PCIe X16 slot
Storage: 2x SATA II ports
Back panel connectors:
1x PS/2 keyboard port.
1xVGA port
1xDVI Port
6x USB 2.0 ports.
1x Gigabit RJ45 LAN jack.
3x audio jacks
Front panel headers:
1X Front panel header
1X Front Audio header
1xTPM header
1x IR/CIR header
1x S/PDIF out header.
1x Speaker header
2x Serial ATA connectors.
2x USB 2.0 headers
1x Intrusion Alarm header
1x COM header
Bios: 8Mb flash EEPROM



Easy overclocking – I couldn’t find any options for overclocking
Easy BIOS updates – this includes software bios updates and in BIOS update options
BIOS Rescue – allows you to insert a Floppy disk and reboot to rescue a corrupt BIOS
Smooth Overclock – for precision overclocking apparently but I couldn’t find any
CPU Protection – complete protection to ensure the APU doesn’t overheat.
Exclusive Graphics Power – exclusive power channels; better graphics performance and system stability
Smart Boot Menu – allows quick choosing of the boot device
SuperBIOS Protect – hardware and software BIOS locking to ensure protection from Viruses and BIOS corruption
Super Clockfree – Unlimited CPU multiplier for better and easier overclocking, another feature this board doesn’t actually have
Smart fan control – Automatic fan adjustment, being passively cooled, this may not be the most useful feature.

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