Geil Ultra 2000MHZ


As with most overclocker memory modules, I end up saying that you ony need this kind of RAM if you either want to break records or show off with benchmarks or simply want class-A quality components in your rig, that ensure top speed and a longer lifetime of your system. There is a noticable performance increase when comparing DDR3-1333 CL9 RAM to DDR3-2000+ CL9 / DDR3-1700 CL6 RAM, but it’s not very useful if you’re mainly planning in using an office suite and browsing the web for fun facts. In-game performance differences are minimal. If you’re looking at getting the most out of your games then you will want to get decent RAM too, after you’ve bought a quality CPU and high-end graphics card, that is.

Pros Cons
Excellent price Only for die-hard gamers and benchers
Great tweaking potential Heatspreader feels cheap
Rock stable Green PCB
Comes in many variaties AMD users need AMD 8-series chipset / hexacore CPU




Thanks go to Geil for providing us with this kit.

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