GEIL EVO VELOCE – Dual Channel 2133 MHz 2 x 8 GB kit

Evo Veloce



GEIL is a Taiwanese company that produces a number of PC hardware components for gamers, including SSDs and RAM. Today we’ll be looking at the latter – specifically, we’ll be testing their EVO VELOCE line of memory, which is their fourth line of DDR3 memory. Our particular kit runs at 2133 MHz (that’s PC3-17000) and is compatible with most contemporary motherboards running Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge processors. We were impressed with Golden Emperor International Ltd’s previous RAM series when we reviewed it last year – will this newest batch live up to its Italian namesake? Let’s find out.


  • Model number: GEV316GB2133C10ADC
  • Frequency: PC3 17000 2133 MHz
  • Latency: 10-11-11-30
  • Kit: 8 GB x 2 DC Kit
  • Working voltage: 1.65V
  • Cooling: EVO VELOCE Heat-spreader with MTCD technology
  • Compatibility: Designed for X79, Z77 and other major platforms
  • Intel XMP Ready: Yes
  • Technology: DBT Enhanced, Die-hard Burn-in
  • Warranty: Lifetime


The RAM comes in an attractively designed package, in the company’s signature red, black, grey and white colour scheme. The name of the product and its tagline (“DDR3 Hardcore Gaming Memory”) is printed prominently, and one of the sticks is pictured through a plastic window. At the bottom, we are reminded this is a dual channel kit – it’s also possible to get a quad-channel (or double dual channel) kit.

Evo Veloce RAM
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On the back, we see the specifications as listed on the RAM itself. We also get a little more useful information, including the address of GEIL. We see the RAM is made in Taiwan and claims to be “Tough on Performance, Tougher on Reliability”.

Evo Veloce RAM
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As you take the plastic sheath that holds the RAM out of the cardboard, a small piece of paper flutters to the ground. It cautions that “before unleashing the beast” it would be wise to follow recommended voltages for best performance and read your motherboard manual as well. Good advice.

Evo Veloce RAM
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Now we can see the RAM in the plastic – let’s take them out and have a look at its physical features.

Evo Veloce RAM
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