Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC6400




Everest is a synthetic benchmarking tool, which tests the bandwidth that your RAM provides. Read and write speeds are measured in megabytes per second.




Sandra’s bandwith test, benches RAM and is nearly 100% RAM limited (i.e. your CPU doesn’t have anything to do with the testing). The chipset speed along with the RAM frequency will affect the scores. Sandra can only access 2GB of RAM for a 32bit OS meaning the full 4GB of this kit won’t be tested. The results are measured in GB/s.





The 3Dmark series of benchmarks applications – produced by Futuremark – are designed to test the DirectX performance of graphics cards. Each 3Dmark program corresponds to the year that the features it tests were available in commercial graphics cards. The final score is calculated by combining the results from tests of the PC’s graphics card, CPU and RAM, so processor speed needs to be taken into account when comparing scores.


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