Today we’re taking a brief look at the Just Mobile HeadStand Avant. This is a headphone stand constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium, offered at a rather premium price point at £40.


The HeadStand Avant comes packed in a thin white cardboard box. There are only four pieces; each made out of aluminium and polished to a shine.

Assembly is straightforward — just remove the screw at the bottom of the longest pole, insert it into the base, and screw it tight with a Phillips screwdriver. You do the same for the top of the pole, but this one can be unscrewed and replaced by hand. Place the remaining pole perpendicularly, and replace the top section of the long pole. Finally, screw on the final dish by hand, and you’re all assembled!

Even without instructions, this took us only two minutes.



Once assembled, the Avant is a handsome piece of kit that wouldn’t look out of place on a trendy designer’s Apple-covered desk. Headphones rest easily on the crossbar, with plenty of space for even the thickest or heaviest of headsets.

The Avant is stable too; you’d be hard pressed to knock this thing over unless you were really trying.

Wrapping up

If you want to keep your headphones off your desk (or worse, the floor), then a headphone stand makes a lot of sense. Just Mobile’s example is stable, easy to assemble and looks pretty swish too.

The only real qualm I have is the price: £40 is a lot for something you could easily do without, particularly when so many DIY options are available — evenproper versions cost £6 on Amazon.

Still, if you have a high-end pair of headphones, it just wouldn’t seem right to stash them on a piece of plastic. Get the Avant, and you’ll elevate your setup in more ways than one.


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Stylish aluminium design
Very stable
Easy to assemble



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The bottom line

This stylish headphone stand offers a premium design that will appeal despite its high price.

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