The GTX780 AMP! has proven itself to be an excellent reference card, with a very quiet cooler that has no trouble taking the heaviest load on this GPU.

The card does start to make some noise when running tests made to work your card to the max, but in gaming you’ll likely rarely hear the card unless you’re really into silent computing.

This Zotac card sells for around €545, and at that price it is actually the cheapest GTX780 on the Dutch market. Sadly, the AMD R9 290X is around the corner, and it will supposedly be faster and cheaper than the GTX780 reference. Nonetheless, we are looking at a great card here.


  • Great performance
  • Flashy looks
  • Very quiet
  • Runs cool


  • Comparatively expensive, at the point of writing. awards the Zotac GTX780 3GB 8/10 stars.


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