Zotac GTS 250 AMP!

Zotac GTS 250 Amp! Review


The G92 core has been around for a while now with Nvidia utilising the GPU in a number of different cards making sure to keep renaming though so as give the illusion of a new product altogether. The core has evolved from the 8800GT to the 9800GTX+ right up to the GTS 250.

This latest card uses a 55nm process tapping into both the heat and power consumption reductions combined with decent overclocking scope. So, as Zotac are prone to doing, they took the original GTS 250, used their overclocking prowess and came up with a new revision – the GTS 250 AMP!

The shader, core and memory clocks have all been increased to extract maximal performance and so with any luck we should have a card that can deliver a similar price vs. performance ratio as ATI’s 4850 and 4870 offerings. Let’s see what it can do…


  • NVIDIA GeForce series graphics processors are the epitome of graphics performance, and deliver phenomenal frame rates with stunning visuals in the latest 3D games and applications.
  • NVIDIA SLI technology enables up to three ZOTAC GeForce-series (3-way SLI support varies by model) graphics cards in one system for up to 280-percent performance gains.
  • NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology empowers ZOTAC GeForce-series graphics cards with HD playback capabilities for vivid visuals and hardware decoding of Blu-ray disk formats.
  • ZOTAC Firestorm allows users to fine tune their graphics card to extract maximum performance from ZOTAC GeForce 8, 9 and GTX series graphics cards by enabling users to overclock GPU engine, memory and shader clock speeds and GPU fan-speed.
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GPUs with CUDA™ technology enable hyper-realistic GPU accelerated PhysX™ gaming effects such as explosions that cause dust and debris, amazing natural water and fluid effects, characters with life-like motion or cloth that drapes and tears naturally.





PCI Express 2.0 x16 (Compatible with 1.1)


Chipset Manufacturer: NVIDIA®
GPU: GeForce® GTS 250
Core clock: 750MHz
Stream Processors: 128
Shader Clock: 1890 MHz


Clock: 2300MHz
Size: 1GBB
Interface: 256-bit
Type: GDDR3


DirectX: DirectX 10
OpenGL: OpenGL 2.1


DVI: 2
HDMI: with adapter
TV-Out: HDTV / S-Video / Composite out with adapter
VGA: with adapter


Tuner: None
Max Resolution: 2560 x 1600
RoHS Compliant: Yes
SLI Supported: Yes (3-way)
Cooler: With Fan
Dual-Link DVI Supported: Yes
Windows Vista: Certified for Windows Vista

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 2 lbs
Dimensions: 13.26“ X 10.23“ X 2.67“


Package Contents:
Driver Disk
User Manual
S/PDIF audio input cable
8-pin PCI Express Power Cable
DVI-to-VGA/D-sub Adapter
DVI-to-HDMI adapter

Game Bundle

XIII Century

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