Dawn of War II – Retribution


Dawn of War II is a real time tactics/strategy title developed by Relic Games and Published by THQ. It utilises the Essence engine 2.0 which was originally developed for their previous title, Company of Heroes. This version saw some serious tweaking and features impressive additions, allowing for more detailed models and textures, and more advanced lighting and shading effects, as well as including more complex “sync-kills” than those in Dawn of War also adding support for dual core CPUs.

It features an in-game benchmark too, which makes things very easy for me.

  • Low: 1280 x 1024, All Medium Settings
  • Medium:1280 x 1024, All High Settings
  • High: 1920 x 1080, All High Settings

[easychart type=”horizbar” title=”Dawn of War II Retribution (FPS)” groupnames=”Zotac GTX 590 Low, Sapphire 5850 Low,Zotac GTX 590 Med, Sapphire 5850 Med,Zotac GTX 590 High, Sapphire 5850 High” valuenames=”Low, Med, High” group1values=”43.91,109.98,211″ group2values=”65,119.33,228″ group3values=”52.37,93.26,188″ group4values=”47,104.74,209″ group5values=”47,83.79,181″ group6values=”37.25,89.68,187″ ]

Despite being one of the better looking games out there, Dawn of War’s benchmark is a breeze for msot GPUs, even at the top settings. This is obvious from the fact that the results are pretty close between these two cards.

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