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XFX 9800GTX + Black

XFX 9800GTX + Black Review


nVidia have recently decided to rename a lot of their 9 series cards with the GT1 series moniker. Fortunately, XFX sent us over a couple before this, so today I’m not testing a GT something or other, it’s a 9800 GTX + Black Edition. Let’s check it out.


Features and Specifications

Bundles Assassin’s Creed
Bus Type PCI-E 2.0
GPU Clock 785 Mhz
Memory Bus 256
Memory Type DDR3
Memory Size 512 MB
Memory Speed 2300 Mhz
Thermal Solution FANSINK
Minimum Power Supply Requirement 450 Watt
Outputs HDTV, Dual-Link DVI
Card Dimensions 10.5" x 4.376" x 1.5"
Feature PhysX Technology ready, CUDA Technology ready
Package Contents DVI Adapter, SPDIF Cable