Who do you market a card like this to? The performance isn’t bad, but it’s low profile which suggest and HTPC or compact build with some head room. Problem there is the cooler isn’t silent, though it’s got some temperature head room so it can probably overclock more than a standard card.

I suppose compact, low end gamers might like this? You’re not playing anything made within the last 3 years on anything above minimum settings. So gamers are out I suppose.

Really, the only people I can see this product being specifically designed for are non-silent HTPC users. This is far from a bad card and it’s not going to get a bad score, but I just don’t know who’s supposed to buy this. There’s just better alternatives out there for almost every category you fit into.


Performance lets you game at a basic level
Fan is quiet during most tasks
Low profile allows for HTPC and compact builds
Low power draw


Noise picks up during heavy usage
Not powerful enough for any real gaming

HIS 6670

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