Zalman VF950


Zalman VF950 Review


To keep up with the latest hotter and faster graphics cards, Zalman have needed to update their VF900 – which we reviewed back in May 2007 – with the VF-950. They haven’t just changed the cooler to support more recent graphic cards though; the new model is entirely different. We hope so too, as we weren’t very impressed with the VF-900. Anyway let’s not dwell on the past, introducing the Zalman VF-950…



  • Excellent ultra quiet cooler for video cards
  • Pure copper heatsink base and heatpipe “W-Bending” technology
  • VFP (Variable Fin Profile) ultra-thin fins minimise airflow resistance
  • Supplied with FANMATE2 controller to balance cooling and noise
  • Lightweight design minimises excess force on the VGA card


Dimensions126(L) X 102(W) X 30(H)mm
Fin MaterialPure Aluminium(Nickel Plated)
Base MaterialPure Copper
HeatpipePure Copper
Dimensions80(L) X 80(W) X 15(H)mm
Bearing Type2 Ball-Bearing
Speed (using Fan Mate 2)1,400rpm – 2,500rpm +- 10%
Noise Level (using Fan Mate 2)18dBA – 28dBA +- 10%


Last modified: August 17, 2011

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