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Xigmatek Gaia

The Cooler

The heatsink is pretty much your standard tower design and quite similar to what we first saw from Xigmatek.


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The fin array is shaped to force air over the heatpipe area in an attempt to cool them as well as possible.


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The base comes with a nice sticker in shipping to ensure your base comes in as good condition as possible.


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Here you can see the base, the three 8mm heatpipes spaced by aluminium which also transfers heat very well.


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You can see some light machining marks on the bottom but nothing that should affect performance, what matters is that the base is flat and I assure you, the base is very flat which should certainly help this cooler perform.


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The 120mm PWM fan would have been good if the cable was sleeved or atleast they could have used black cables instead of those vibrant colours.


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Here’s the cooler put together with the 120mm fan attached and the mounting system installed.


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