Thermal Grease (TIM) round-up | Six times the grease


The conclusion is best highlighted in the form of the following table:

Heat Paste Roundup

On first sight, the Quantum is the clear winner with the best price-performance ratio, with only €1.88 for the best performing grease out of this test.

As we can see, though, the Arctic Cooling MX-4 and Prolimatech PK-1 come behind close, with just €2,13 and €2.02 per gram, respectively, both with a great temperature score too. Two important things come to mind here: The last two greases have a very high availability in comparison to the Quantum. This means that if you are to buy some parts at a shop, you have a good chance of finding the MX-4 or PK-1 there too. If it’s a reasonably priced, it’s pretty much always a better pick than an alternative product with scarce availability and therefor often a higher total price. Not to forget: It even comes with a small plastic surface leveler.

As individual results can always vary, there’s not a clear cut winner for this round-up.

For today, we can conclude three winners:

Arctic Cooling MX-4 and Prolimatech PK-1: For excellent performance, high availability and a good price

TIM-Consultants Quantum: For excellent performance and the best price on the market (excl. shipping)

Thanks to Caseking, Fabacom and Tim Consultants for providing us with the grease.

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  • Shaun

    I just want to say that you didn’t include the fact that AS 5 needs 200 hours of curing. Any and every other comparison I have seen done like that, shows AS5 as the superior compound.

    If you are going to do a comparison, do it right, and don’t bash AS5 either when clearly you have a misleading article.