Spide Slimod II Review


If you’re using a high end PC, cooling is always going to be a problem and a priority for you. The obvious solutions to this issue are to attempt to insert more fans and heatsinks into your PC wherever necessary.

Spire are internationally recognised as a premiere producer of cooling technology that specialises in cooling for gaming PCs. But as usual, a name doesn’t give you a pass in XSR testing, so let’s see how their latest iteration of GPU cooler, the Slimod II stands up.



  • Superior cooling up to 130Watts
  • Efficient cooling enabled by 4 DT Heat-pipes
  • High-performance sintered powder heat-pipes
  • Two 90mm fans, silent at 24.0 dBA
  • Extends the life of your video card
  • Keeps video card cooler and at maximum performance
  • Versatile for Nvidia Geforce and ATI Radeon graphic chip-sets

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