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Today I’m reviewing the Prolimatecjh Lynx, a smaller version of the Panther. It features many of the features of its larger sibling but will the performance keep up to the outstanding performance of the Panther?

Let’s find out.


Heatsink Dimension: (L)118mm X (W)70mm X (H)159.5mm

Heatsink Weight: 400g (heatsink body only)

Included Fan: 120 x 120 x 25 mm Black PWM

CPU support: Intel Socket LGA 1156/1155, AMD Socket AM2/2+/3/3+



The box is made of a high quality card board and is well designed.

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The bundled items include: Instructions, Intel and AMD backplates, Intel and AMD mounting bars, four fan clips, eight mounting screws, a Prolimatech sticker and thermal compound.

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The mounting system of a cooler is an important part as without good contact between the base of the cooler and CPU heatspreader, you won’t get good CPU temperatures and could even damage your CPU.

Fortunately the Lynx makes very good contact with the CPU, it’s the tightest mounting system I have used. So much so, it bent the steel mounting bars slightly.

Installing the heatsink was a real pain and required a lot of force, definitely a two person job.

The thermal paste is the same as PK-1 thermal paste that Prolimatech sell but the included thermal paste is a far smaller quantity. The thermal paste is good and I have tested it with multiple different coolers and compared it against some other thermal pastes, the performance is very good. It’s easy to get out of the syringe and spreads nicely too.

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