Nexus Disk Twin HDD Cooler

Nexus HDD Cooler Review


While SSDs may be all the rage these days, there are still a lot of people chugging along with traditional HDD offerings. In fact in many cases, this is a preferable option as while slower, there are much bigger storage capacities available and they’re much cheaper when considering the cost per GB. Some downsides to these units though, are noise output – in some of the faster drives – and in some cases heat. There are many products available to aleviate this issue, but today we’re looking at one from Nexus.



  • Reduces hard disk vibration noise and resonance.
  • High quality rubber shock and vibration absorption blocks
  • Solid aluminum heat sink with thermal pads for more efficient cooling.
  • The 3.5" hard disk equipped with the Nexus DiskTwin fits into any 5.25" drive bay


Model Number
146.81×26.15×18.8 mm
3.5" HDD

Pure aluminum
Solid Rubber
Thermal Pads
Mounting Screws

105gr. per unit
3 Years

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