Jetart VC3600 VCool Review


Since I began my journey on the rocky road of Hardware Reviewing, many company’s products have crossed my path. None however, have left as much of a lasting impression as Jetart. This not particularly well known company, hailing from the beautiful country of Taiwan, has created some simply awesome active GPU coolers in the past and I have continued to use their products in my own rig since I discovered them. Naturally you can understand that I was very excited to receive their latest GPU cooler, the VC3600 VCool. This cooler is not only their newest cooler, but it is also a cooler that moves away from Jetart’s typical active cooler style into an exhaust fan setup. With some innovative cooler ideas such as a multi-directional intake fan it is safe to say I expected big things from this cooler, I wasn’t disapointed.

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