Most cooler reviews are of products designed for the latest, greatest and usually hottest GPUs. But what if you have an older system, with a once powerful 6600GT or x800? The fan dies or you want to squeeze a few more MHZ in your OC, where do you turn? Well, Gigabyte of all companies have made the Cyclops, which comes with changeable front covers, RAM sinks and a solid aluminium core. Let’s see how our 6600GT feels with it attached.



  • Supports nVIDIA® SLi™ and ATi™ CrossFire series
  • Copper aluminum fin array
  • 8cm fan with radial airflow
  • Lightweight at 200g
  • Two clip-on cover colors in red and green
  • EBR fan at 2300 rpm
  • Heat sink for memory included
  • Easy installation


Heat sink dimensions160 x 91 x 34 mm
Fan dimensions80 x 80 x 15 mm
Base compositionCopper
Rated Voltage12V
Rated Current0.35Amp
Fan Speed2,300 rpm
Acoustic25 dBA
Bearing typeEBR
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