While not on sale in the UK yet, a projected price of 45 euros has been given for the EU region. This means we should get it for £40-45. For what you’re buying it’s actually not bad value, but there are coolers that are also recommendable for a bit less. Cooler Master have one of the grand masters of air cooling on their hands here, and they’ve managed to do it without charging as much as some manufacturers.

I’d like it if they could find a way for slightly easier installation, but with something this heavy I appreciate that it’s difficult. This is an excellent choice for a high end setup as long as you’re happy with the price tag. Make sure you have enough space for it too.

Update: The price has since been lowered to £34 in the UK, making this a very attractively priced cooler. I would heartily recommend it.


Great cooling
Very quiet, near silent
Excellent built quality
Good compatibility list


A little difficult to mount
Very big

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