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Alpefohn PeterIntroduction

As graphic cards evolve into bigger and badder powerhouses becoming miniature PCs in their own right, adequate cooling is needed to ensure a long life and continuous component stability. Alpenföhn aims to fulfill this need with their upcoming cooler, the Peter. Together with the Heidi GPU cooler this huge chiller will have to deliver optimal cooling together with a perfectly silent performance in order to impress the judges, and conquer the competitive market of GPU coolers. Let’s check it out.

What does Alpenföhn tell us about Peter?

  • Outstanding performance due to 12 high end heatpipes
  • Maximized surface with 91 soldered aluminium fins
  • Exchangeable mountingclips for the installation on upcoming top-end VGA cards
  • Solid mounting bracket for mounting two 140mm fans / four 120mm fans
  • Perfect finish of all surfaces using S.S.N.P. (Shiny Silver Nickel Plating)


None listed on Alpenföhn’s page, taken from the product box:

  • Heatsink dimensions: 253.5*100*44mm
  • Net weight: 550g
  • Heatpipe: 12x 6mm heatpipes
  • Fins: Aluminum
  • Baseplate: Full copper plate
  • Suggested fan: 140*25mm / 120*25mm
  • Suggest fan speed: 600-1500 RPM
  • Suggested noise: Below 25 dB(A)
  • Direction: across the VGA card

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