ChoiiX Power Fort 5.5whrs Review


With the ever expanding use of smartphones and other clever little electronic gadgets, one problem the world is starting to come to terms with is that there is just never enough power to go around. Lugging around chargers can be a real pain, especially if you need a different one for each device. However, Coolermaster have produced what a few others have done, a backup power supply. However, this isn’t its first iteration, this new version of the Power Fort comes with a simple USB interface hoping to standardise backup charging. Let’s see if it’s as effective without the myriad of charge heads.



  • Slim curve design and light weight.
  • Powerful 1A charges 2 times faster than normal USB power.
  • Battery life LED indicator.
  • Up to 300 recharge times with 85% capacity remaining.
  • Quick recharge less than 3 hours.
  • Full protections built-in to avoid battery damage.
  • Ultra low self-discharge battery cell function

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