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The Xilence Interceptor Pro may be huge,  but it also houses an enormous set of features.


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From removable back plates, to many watercooling exits, up to ten  PCI-slots and whatnot, this case blows you away.


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The back plate of the top system is easily removable by unscrewing and replacing it. As you can see here already, there’s room for three 140mm fans in the middle of the two systems.


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The pre-installed 140mm fan is silent at 60% speed (BIOS controlled), slightly audible at 70% and clearly audible at 100%. At 60% this fan moves a lot of cool air, so I wouldn’t worry about setting it a bit lower.


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This awesome screw is one of a pair and if unscrewed, it allows you to slide off the top of the case, in order to allow ease of access to whatever you have installed in the top compartment.


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So this case has a double front panel, one for the bottom system (the bottom one, with USB3.0) and one for the top system (the upper one, without USB3.0).


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The top panel also has a slider, that allows you to open the spoilers of the case, presumably for allowing better airflow.


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Spoilers down;


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Spoilers up.


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The bottom of the case has a removable PSU-fan roster.


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Installing the feet is a piece of cake. They’re sturdy but make the case another few centimetres taller, leaving the case 87cm tall in total.

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Albert Vogd
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  • Brechan

    No offense to Xilence, but this case looks exactly like the AZZA Fusion 4000.
    Could be we’ll have lawsuits over this one?

    • Albert Vogd

      Hah! I never saw this. Thanks for the heads-up!

      I think Xilence simply paid for the rights to put their name on it.

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  • I think it’s merely a case that Xilence have the ability to ship in Europe, while i’ve personally never heard of Azza here in the UK (before i heard about that case of course), so it’s possible it’s simply a US sister-company