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The Xilence Interceptor Pro is a monster of a case. It’s basically a typical ATX case with a mITX case on top of it.


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The sides are opened with two push-locks on each side. They don’t need to go all the way down, but can actually hang in mid-air.


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Opened up, you get a first glimpse of where the mITX system goes.


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The front panel can house up to eight 5.25” bays.


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Below that there are two 140mm red LED fans doing their silent job, keeping your hard drives cool.


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This is what the red LED’s look like in a dark place.


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The fans are actually placed in a door that closes magnetically, and opens easily. Inside you find the six removable 3.5” HDD trays and four 2.5” HDD / SSD trays. These allow for hot-plug installation of your drives.

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Albert Vogd
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  • Brechan

    No offense to Xilence, but this case looks exactly like the AZZA Fusion 4000.
    Could be we’ll have lawsuits over this one?

    • Albert Vogd

      Hah! I never saw this. Thanks for the heads-up!

      I think Xilence simply paid for the rights to put their name on it.

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  • I think it’s merely a case that Xilence have the ability to ship in Europe, while i’ve personally never heard of Azza here in the UK (before i heard about that case of course), so it’s possible it’s simply a US sister-company