While this case does have some things going for it, the negatives have really added up throughout the review. It’s cable management is poor, the cooling – while effective – is loud and the dust filter placement is inconsistent. The frame is strong but the panels are a bit weak and the overall look of the chassis is quite OEM.

This is a basic case with a basic setup which is ok if the price is low, say around the £40 mark. While it’s almost impossible to find this case, the price on Spire’s own site has it listed for an RRP of around 60 euros, which equates out to around £55. If it was just 25% cheaper, this would be an excellent value chassis, but as it stands there’s quite a lot missing. If you’re really on a budget, I’d recommend this over most cases around the £35 mark, but if you can afford it, step up to the £70 area as the enclosures in that range are much, much better.


Nice exterior and interior paint job
Stock fans move a lot of air, room for many more
Rounded edges prevents cable shearing
Toolless installs are mostly good


A bit too expensive for what you get
Fans are very noisy
Cable management is poor
Look is very OEM
Dust filters missing on intake areas
All panels flex when weight applied
No USB 3.0

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