NZXT Guardian 921 Review


A good case can be a gamer’s best friend, holding all the vital components whilst looking good and keeping the system cool. However a case doesn’t contribute in any great way to the performance of the computer so people tend to be a bit tight and skimp on a good looking but not very functional case. NZXT has released the Guardian 921, a relatively cheap but swish looking case. Is it like the hundreds of other budget cases or does it have something special to offer? XSR’s gonna’ find out.



  • Takes cues from gaming culture with elegant curves and a newly designed clear side panel
  • Spacious Interior and Solid Construction: Built from solid .88mm and 1.00mm steel
  • Constant Temperature Monitoring: Three temperature probe monitoring system allows the user to constantly gauge thermals within the system at all times to prevent overheating
  • Multimedia and peripheral inputs: E-SATA, Intel HD audio, mic, and two USB inputs are standard
  • Silent Cooling: Comes standard with 3x120mm fans installed to maximize cooling performance with minimal noise
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